You are in control of your own happyness

It’s all about your mindset. If you want lots of energy and motivation to things like cleaning your apartment, then analyze yourself; feel your own needs. Do you feel that you need a bath before you start, then go take a bath. Are you too tired, then go to bed and leave a note about continuing where you left off when you wake up again.

You can put on some music, make sure the room-lightning is bright enough, take an energy boost or go on a walk if you need it. It’s all about feeling yourself, becoming aware of your needs, and get them satisfied.

Get into your happy-zone/holiday-mood. Tell yourself that if you want something changed, it’s up to YOU to do it. If you don’t change something, you can’t expect the change to happen by itself. Feel your energy from within. That energy you have when you wake up after a good nights rest, that energy you have when you’re on a holiday. Try to find that state-of-mind. Tell yourself “I have lots of time, no worries and I can do everything in this world, if I put my mind to it and stick to it”.

Feel what’s holding you back. Is it all those unclosed windows and browser-tabs on your computer? Then put time off to go through each of them and decide what you want to do with it. You can either use a 10-minute timer with your current task written on a post-it-note, to remind you about what task you’re currently doing. Every time the timer goes off, ask yourself “Am I still doing this task?”. If the answer is yes, go on happily. If the answer is no, stop what you’re doing and return to your task. It helps having an empty todo list within reach that can be used to writing down the stuff down you catch yourself thinking about, that you need to get done. Then you can get that thought out of your head and keep your concentration going.

Another way to minimize distractions such as a computer with a lot of unfinished work, is to turn off the screen and avoid the computer compeletly, until your current task is done. If what’s making the distraction is a cluttered apartment, you need to get out of the door and go to somewhere quiet where you feel you’re able to think. That can be a parkarea in the summer or a cozy cafĂ© in the winter.

Remember, there’s a lot of options and oppotunities, if you just look around you, stay open-minded, keep your head high and listens and focuses on you and your own needs. =)

If you still find it hard to get into your happy-zone/holiday-mood, then don’t give up! Try these advices:

Try to think back to when you were a young child. Back when everything felt possible. Find a good memory that makes you happy and gives you good energy. Hold on to that memory in a couple of minutes. Feel the power in that memory and pay close attention to how everything suddenly feels overcoming and possible. There’s no stress, no negative feelings, only pure positive thoughts and a awesome feeling of surplus energy and motivation. It’s this feeling you should hold on to. This state of mind and energy. Every time you feel down, find a place where you can be yourself, somewhere alone. Then close your eyes and think about this memory. It will give you energy to overcome even the hardest and toughest things and decisions in life. Use this inner strength and hold on firmly to it. No matter how terrible it gets, no matter how many things, oppotunities, options, friends and family are taken away from you, remember that no one can take away your positive memories, who you are and what you stand for. Always remember that. - Never forget it.

“People or events can drain you for all your positivity and energy, but they can never, EVER, take your inner strength away from you”.

Thank you for reading my article. Your first and foremost important task right now will be to stop what you’re currently doing, and get started on one of my advices above.

If you need more advices or help with anything, don’t hesitate to contact me, and I’ll do everything I can to help you regain control of your life.

Written after a good “revealing” dream I had. Half of my advices comes from the part of my brain that I’m in control over, and the rest comes from my brains fantastic and powerful subconsciousness.

Written on 2013-04-23 (Writing time: 30 minutes). Translated from Danish to English on 2013-05-26.