Finding time for it all

in Personal

My calendar is filled up with appointments. Big or small, of importance or not, they’re just there, making some days so tight that I barely have time to sleep.

There’s a lot of reasons to why I tend to fill up my calendar like this. The biggest one of them all have to be the thought about standing still and being alone. Don’t get me wrong, I love having “my-time” where I can do what I want. I just have trouble allowing myself to have those days where I can just unplug from everything and go out the door for a walk. I don’t feel like I’ve taken enough walks lately either. I tend to ruch through the days, forgetting to stop up and tell myself to relax. That is something I have to work on for the next couple of months.

One way to solve it is learning to say “No”. The biggest reasons why my calendar is this filled, is because I tend to say yes to everything. I need to stop up and ask myself the question “Do I really want to make this appointment? Do I have energy and does it fit with everything else I have to do?”. That’s the thing with being a nice and outgoing person - I have a lot of nice and outgoing friends. I always forget that whenever I do say no to my friends, of any reason, they’re okay with it, and tells me to take my time. Yet, I hate saying it, as I’m in some ways, afraid that my “No” will make friends not wanting to ask if I want to do something another time.

It’s a stupid thought, I know. Because my true friends will always want to do things with me. I have to tell myself to calm down, and stop overthinking things.